Featured image for 📈Improved Store Dashboard & Order Edit!

Store Dashboard

With this update, you'll be able to see more statistics and graphical representation of your sales and revenue. Not only that, unleash your top selling products and your top customers too!

Order Edit

Order management is now more powerful than ever! Say Good bye to hassle you face when customer makes mistake while ordering or you ran out of stock. You can now simply edit those details and it's done ✨

Order Activity

We've introduced a new tab under an order which displays all the activities happening for an order. You can also add notes to order activities for reference and to keep everyone on track.

Well, that's not it. We've also worked on following improvements:

  • Choose if prefix (WH - ) should be added with contact's name in sync

  • Enhanced contact update mechanism in order to improve the sync

We hope you are enjoying and finding the updates useful. Do let us know if anything 🙂

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